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Share with care!

Eager to share a review of your work? Proud to be featured in our magazine?

Obviously, you want to show it to the entire world!


But before you share entire parts of our magazine with all your family and friends, consider for a moment the amount of love, time and work our writers, editors, photographers, illustrators and designers put in our magazine.


It would be great if everyone would have that paper magazine at home!


We can do this together: share with care!


Post a picture of the cover of our magazine with your own recommendation and link to our webshop.


Post a picture of a small excerpt and make our joint audience curious about the rest. Encourage them to run to the shop or to subscribe!


With your support we can continue making Gonzo (circus). We can continue supporting independent stores. And best of all, we will continue supporting independent and experimental artists like you! 🙂


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