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Hightlights Sonic Acts 2015 (#3): Mario de Vega ‘Dolmen’

Onze tips voor Sonic Acts: 'Dolmen' het nieuwe werk van Mario de Vega zal te horen en te bekijken zijn op vrijdag 27 februari in Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. In dit werk onderzoekt hij hoe de overvolle ether ons fysiek en psychologisch beïnvloedt. Lees er meer over in de special in Gonzo (circus) #125!

At Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Sonic Acts presents Dolmen, a brand new installation by Mexican sound artist Mario de Vega, commissioned by Sonic Acts in collaboration with the Austrian Donaufestival.

De Vega is known – or maybe even notorious – for his confrontational works, which, for instance, use infrasound or extremely high voltages. Dolmen is an intervention that explores the boundaries of human perception as well as the social, political and physical impact of telecommunications technology. It makes the public physically aware of the presence of wireless signals in space – the radio signals that are the carrier waves of our digital communications. The work evolved from interests in radio signals and in the possible negative influence of electromagnetic pollution on humans. In his interview in the book, The Geologic Imagination, De Vega states that it is likely that the powerful signals emitted by airport installations such as radar require an amplification of the power of relay antennas, which could be extremely unhealthy. In Dolmen Mario De Vega explores how radio signals and the overpopulated electromagnetic spectrum affect humans in physical and psychological ways.

Read more in Gonzo (circus) #125

Friday 27 February 2015

Info and tickets: sonicacts.com

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