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De eindejaarslijstjes 2009 van de Gonzo (circus)-medewerkers

Seb Bassleer (redacteur)
1. Abe Vigoda – Skeleton (Bella Union / V2)
2. Karen Dalton – Green Rocky Road: The Loop Tapes, Pine Street Recordings (Delmore Recordings)
3. Grouper – Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill (Type / Konkurrent)
4. Kasai Allstars – In The 7th Moon, the Chief Turned into a Swimming Fish and Ate the Head of his Enemy by Magic (Crammed Discs)
5. Koen Holtkamp – Field Rituals (Type / Konkurrent)
6. Maga Bo – Archipelagoes (Soot Records)
7. Natural Snow Buildings – The Snowbringer Cult (Students of Decay)
8. Tindersticks – The Hungry Saw (Beggars Banquet)
9. VA – Shadow Music of Thailand (Sublime Frequencies)
10. Wouter van Veldhoven – Four Songs for Five Dead Bumblebees (Eat This Media / Baked Goods)

Ulrike Biets (fotograaf)
1.Sebastien Tellier (Les Nuits Botanique, Brussel)
2.Sebastien Tellier – Sexuality (Bang!)
3.The Mars Volta 5(AB, Brussel)
4.Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles (Pias)
5.David Lynch – Twin Peaks, The Definitive Gold Box Edition (Paramount)
6. Les Heritiers (DNA, Brussel)
7.Grace Jones (Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren)
8.Julien Temple – The Filth and The Fury, A Sex Pistols Film (Afilm) 9.Metronomy (Les Nuits Botanique, Brussel)
10.CSS – Donkey (SubPop)

Patrick Bruneel (auteur)
1. Gunslingers – No More Invention (World In Sound / Clear Spot)
2. Lurker Of Chalice – Lurker Of Chalice (Southern Lord / Bang)
3. Box – Studio One (Rune Grammofon / Konkurrent)
4. Lair Of The Minotaur – War Metal Battle Master (Southern Lord / Bang!)
5. Melvins – Nude With Boots (Ipecac / Bang!)
6. Lugubrum – Albino De Congo (Old Grey Hair)
7. Andy Dale Petty – All God’s Children Have Shoes (Voodoo Rhythm / Clear Spot)
8. Racebannon – Acid Or Blood (Southern / Bang!)
9. Dead Shell Of Universe – Tamo Gde Pupoljak VeneTamo Je Moje Seme (Eichenwald Industries)
10. Ekpyrosis – Mensch Aus Gold (Paradigms)

Stijn Buyst (redacteur/fotograaf)
1. Edmond De Deyster Selectie 02 (Ultra Eczema)
2. Fuck Buttons Street Horsssing (ATP)
3. Fucked Up The Chemistry Of Common Life (Matador / V2)
4. Ignatz III (Kraak)
5. The Low Lows Shinging Violence (Monotreme / Konkurrent)
6. No Age Nouns (Sub pop / Konkurrent)
7. Our brother the native Make Amends For We Are Merely Vessels (Fatcat /PIAS)
8. Portishead Third (Island / Universal)
9. TV On The Radio Dear Science (4AD / V2)
10. White circle crime club Pictures Of Stares (Crime Club Recordings /Konkurrent)

Peter Deschamps (redacteur)

1. Kangding Ray – Automne Fold (Raster-Noton)
2. Andy Stott – Unknown Exception (Modern Love)
3. Matmos – Supreme Balloon (Matador/Beggars/V2)
4. Bon Iver – For Emma, For Ever Ago (Jagjaguwar/Konkurrent)
5. Quiet Village – Silent Movie (!K7/Pias)
6. Los Updates – First If You Please (Cadenza/N.E.W.S.)
7. Machinefabriek – Dauw (Dekorder)
8. Autechre – Quaristice (Warp/Rough Trade)
9. Terry Riley – The Last Camel In Paris (Elision Fields)
10. Blevin Blectum – Gular Flutter (Aagoo)

Serge De Pauw (redacteur)
1. A Place To Bury Strangers – S/t (Important/Konkurrent) 

2. Thomas Brinkmann – When Horses Die (Max.Ernst) 

3. Dawn & Dusk Entwined & :Golgotha: – Sang Graal (Cold Meat Industry/Clear Spot) 

4. Earth – The Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull (Southern Lord/Bang!/Konkurrent)
5. Fuck Buttons – Street Horrrsing (ATP) 

6. Gnaw Their Tongues – An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood (Burning World/Konkurrent)
7. Hecq – Night Falls (Hymen/Ant-Zen) 

8. Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat – The Nebulous Dreams (Conspiracy/Conspiracy) 

9. Ladytron – Velicifero (Major/PIAS) 

10. Opeth – Watershed (Roadrunner/CNR)

Nienke Doekes (fotograaf)

1. Paul Thomas Anderson – There Will Be Blood
2. Christopher Nolan – The Dark Knight
3. Vincent Paronnaud en Marjane Satrapi – Persepolis
4. Juan Antonio Bayona – El Orfanato
5. Matt Reeves – Cloverfield
6. Sidney Lumet – Before The Devil knows You’re Dead
7. Craig Gillespie – Lars And The Real Girl
8. Sean Penn – Into The Wild
9. Gus Van Sant – Paranoid Park
10. Andrew Stanton – WALL-E

G Huismans (hoofdredacteur)

1. Berlin Biennale 2008: Patricia Esquivias, Melvin Moti, Manon de Boer, Sung Hwan Kim, Pushwagner
2. Cem Gney: Praxis (Cronica)
3. Heretic Film Festival (A Deliberate Departure From The Accepted Doctrine), Amsterdam (Guy Debord, Isidore Isou, Ira Cohen, e.a.)
4. Hey Colossus: Happy Birthday (Riot Season/Konkurrent)
5. Murcof: The Versailles Sessions (Leaf/Konkurrent)
6. Nicolas Provost (Brakke Grond, Amsterdam)
7. Pawel Althamme (Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht)
8. Sun Ra-ressues: The Night Of The Purple Moon / Some Blues But Not The Kind That Is Blue (Atavistic/Konkurrent)
9. Tape: Luminarium (Hppna/ A-Musik)
10. Religious Knives, Talibam!, Svarte Greiner (ZWZW, Tilburg)

Eric Lamers (auteur)
1. The Julie Mittens – cd-r (Cut Hands)
2. Iced Earth The crucible of man (Steamhammer)
3. www.archive.org/details/prelinger
4. Orgelimprovisaties op Fritz Langs Metropolis (Tegelen, Martinuskerk)
5. Sir Richard Bishop & Earth (Eindhoven, Effenaar)
6. Roman Signer (Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht)
7. Damian Hirsts For the love of God (Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum)
8. Roland van der Vorst, Nieuwsgierigheid. (Amsterdam: Nieuw Amsterdam, 2007)
9. Michio Kaku, Onmogelijke natuurkunde (Amsterdam: Pearson Education, 2008)

Michel Mees (fotograaf)
1. Shearwater – Rook (Matador/V2)
2. Helios – Caesura (Type Records)
3. SCSI-9 – Easy As Down (Kompakt)
4. Fairmont – I Need Medicine (Border Community)
5. Ito 7 Ran Shani – Aviation (CR2 Records)
6. 2562 – Aerial (Tectonic)
7. Sasha – Invol2ver (Global Underground)
8. Hallo Venray – Leather On My Soul (Excelsior)
9. Lulu Rouge – Bless You (Music for Dreams)
10. V/A – Kompakt Total 9 (Kompakt)

Tom Nys (auteur)
Wat zit er nog van 2008 in de resterende hersencellen van (tn)
1. Straf debuutalbum: Stefan Goldmann The Transitory State/ Voices Of The Dead (Macro).
2. Indrukwekkende compilatie: Carl Craig Sessions (K7!).
3. Volledig kapotgedraaide 12inch: Laurent Garnier Back To My Roots EP (Innervisions).
4. Vers talent: Tom Dazing.
5. Explosieve deejayset: Kenny Larkin @ Made To Play, Panorama Bar Berlijn,
6. Zeer intens feestje: Montini Closing Reunion, Montini St.-Truiden
7. Versleten gespeelde mixtape: Jimmy Van M @ La Rocca Lier
8. Gelukkige verjaardagen: M_nus Records (10), Aroma Records (10), La Rocca Lier (20), Sub Club Glasgow (20) en Dr. Poppers (8).
9. Opmerkelijke trend/ gebeurtenis: Deep house renaissance! Standard champion!
10. Gemiste kans: een degelijk eerbetoon voor de 20ste verjaardag van het new beatfenomeen.

Sascha Roth (auteur)
1. Los Siquicos Literalenos – A pleno ritmo sideral (Facon / eigen beheer)
2. Dystopia Dystopia (Life is Abuse / ?)
3. Sonido Martines – “Rebajadas van a Brooklyn” mix cd-r (eigen beheer)
4. El Hijo De La Cumbia – mix cd-r (eigen beheer)
5. Virus – The black flux (Seasons Of Mist / ?)
6. Dj Vampiros – La sonidera Colombiana mix cd-r (eigen beheer)
7. Chancha Via Circuito – ZZK mixtapes vol. 2 (ZZK Records / eigen beheer)
8. v/a Fora Kuduro! EP (Flamin Hotz / ?)
9. Kania Tieffer – Family and transformation EP (L’armee des bonbons / eigen
10. Death – Symbolic reissue (Roadrunner / ?)

Oscar Smit (auteur)
1 Quiet Village- Silent Movie (!K7/PIAS)
2 Myra Davies – Cities & Girls (Moabit Musik)
3 Leila- Blood Looms and Blooms (Warp/Rough Trade)
4 Ellen Allien- Sool (BPitch Control)
5 Ben Vaughn- Designs in Music (Vampisoul)
6 Black Gold 360- Suite 17 (Beluga Recordings)
7 Blue Flamingo-78 RPM (Excelsior/V2)
8 Sigur Ros- With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly (EMI)
9 Le Le- Flage (PIAS)
10 Alva Noto- Unitxt (Raster-Noton)

Sam Steverlynck (auteur)
1. Sebastien Tllier – Sexuality (Record Makers, Lucky Number Music)
2. Tim Vanhamel – Welcome to the Blue House (Loud Tongues)
3. Saam Farahmand- Part of the Weekend Never Dies (Pias Recordings/ Pias)
4. John Maybury- Love is the Devil (BFI)
5. Steve McQueen Hunger (Icon Entertainment, Path Distribution)
6. Fleet Foxes (Botanique, Brussel)
7. Fantasy: An Intervention by Koen van den Broek (Antwerpen, MuHKA)
8. Technical Specifications, Sadane Afif (Rotterdam, Witte de With)
9. Big-Game (Grand Hornu, GHI/ MAC’s)
10. Barbara Vanderlinden (ed), Brussels Biennial (Kln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Knig, 2008)

Maarten Timmermans (fotograaf/auteur)
1. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago (Jagjaguwar/Konkurrent)
2. Castanets – City Of Refuge (Asthmatic Kitty/Konkurrent)
3. David Thomas Broughton vs. 7 Hertz – David Thomas Broughton vs. 7 Hertz (Acuarela/Bang!)
4. The Dodos Visiter (Wichita/V2)
5. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes + Sun Giant EP (Cooperative Music/V2)
6. Gowns – Red State (Upset The Rhythm/Bang!)
7. The Low Lows Shinging Violence (Monotreme / Konkurrent)
8. Our Brother The Native – Make Amends, For we Are Merely Vessels (Fat Cat/Pias)
9. The Sedan Vault Vangaurd (San Khapaw/PIAS)
10. TV On The Radio – Dear Science (4AD/Beggars/V2)

Ruth Timmermans (cordinator)
1. Shit + Shine (Paradiso, Amsterdam)
2. A Place To Bury Strangers (Music Hall of Williamsburg, New York)
3. Fuck Buttons (Lowlands, Biddinghuizen)
4. C.Spencer Yeh (DNK, Amsterdam)
5. Our Brother The Native (ZXZW, Tilburg)
6. Robert Breer (Filmmaker in Focus, Filmfestival Rotterdam)
7. Lodge Kerrigan Keane (Filmfreak/Filmfreak Distributie)
8. Benedek Fliegauf Milky Way (film)
9. Doug Aitken Migration (303 Gallery, New York)
10. Joan Didion, Play it as it lays. (New York: FSG Publishers, 2008)

Tamara van der Laarse (fotograaf)
1. Fuck Buttons Street Horrrsing (ATP)
2. The Moi Non Plus s/t (Subbacultcha!/Konkurrent)
3. Kelpe Ex Aquarium (DC Recordings)
4. zZz – Running with the beast (Excelsior/V2)
5. Nieuwbouw (div. artiesten) (Plattegrond Records/eigen beheer)
6. Kim Hiorthy My Last Day (Smalltown Supersound)
7. Pivot Oh Soundtrack My Heart (Warp/Rough Trade)
8. Radio Soulwax & Guests (Paradiso, Amsterdam)
9. Get Records Away (sluiting Get, Amsterdam met The Wooden Constructions, Dave Clarke & Get Records DJs)
10. Squarepusher (Melkweg, Amsterdam)

Diederik Van Vaerenbergh (auteur)
1. September Malevolence – After This Darkness, There’s A Next (TenderVersion)
2. Russian Circles – Station (Suicide Squeeze/Konkurrent)
3. The Samuel Jackson Five – Goodbye Melody Mountain (Eigen beheer)
4. Vessels – White Fields And Open Devices (Cuckundoo/Konkurrent)
5. The Photographic – Pictures of a Changing World (Galaxia/Konkurrent)
6. Aucan – Aucan (Ruminance)
7. Transit – Whitewater (Zeal/Konkurrent)
8. Motek – Port Sunshine (Noisesome/EMI)
9. Torche – Meanderthal (Robotic Empire/Conspiracy)
10. Melvins – Nude With Boots (Ipecac/Bang!)

Benjamin van Vliet (auteur)
1. Why? – Alopecia (Anticon/Southern/Bang!)
2. Sam Amidon All Is Well (Bedroom Community/Baked Goods)
3. Peter Broderick Home (Bella Union/V2)
4. Our Brother The Native – Make Amends For We Are Merely Vessels (Fat Cat/PIAS)
5. Various artists Victrola Favorites: Artifacts from Bygone Days (Dust-to-digital)
6. The Tallest Man On Earth Shallow Graves (Gravitation)
7. Nico Muhly Mothertongue (Bedroom Community/Baked Goods)
8. The Fire Harvest Science Will Take Care Of Our Fears (eigen beheer)
9. De Kift Hoofdkaas (V2)
10. Mgil R (Radical Duke/PIAS)

Peter Vercauteren (auteur)
1. Severed Heads – Adenoids 1977-1985 (Vinyl-On-Demand)
2. Gerechtigkeits Liga – Per Ignem Ad Lucem (Vinyl-On-Demand)
3. S.P.K. – Dokument III0 1979-1983 (Vinyl-On-Demand)
4. Wolfskin Featuring Objekt4 – The Hidden Fortress: A Revisitation (Neuropa Records)
5. Baudouin Oosterlynck: 1975-1978 (Metaphon)
6. Reutoff – Deprivatio (Ewers Tonkunst/Indiestate Distribution)
7. DVD Hanna-Barbera – Dastardly & Muttley In Their Flying Machines (Warner Brothers)
8. Karlajan Sissit (Antwerpen, CC Luchtbal)
9. Geert Mak – In Europa (Amsterdam,:Atlas, 2007 – herziene editie)
10. Boyd Rice/Brian M. Clark – Standing In Two Circles: The Collected Works Of Boyd Rice (Londen: Creation Books, 2008)

Tom Wouters (auteur)
1. Why? – Alopecia (Anticon/Bang!)
2. The Morning Benders – Talking through Tin Cans (eigen beheer)
3. Johnny Flynn – A Larum (Lost Highway/V2)
4. Ane Brun – Changing Of The Seasons (DetErMine/V2)
5. Wolf Parade – At Mount Zoomer (Jagjaguwar/Konkurrent)
6. The Talles Man On Earth – Shallow Graves (Gravitation/Border)
7. Okay – Huggable Dust (Absolutely Kosher Records)
8. Ladyhawk – Shots (Jagjaguwar/ Konkurrent)
9. The Dodos – Visiter (Wichita/V2)
10. Chad Vangaalen – Soft Airplane (Sub Pop/Konkurrent)

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