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Gonzo (circus) #126: Interviews with Holly Herndon, Grouper, Hana Miletić, Tomaga, Lawrence English and Afrikan Sciences

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Officially spring starts on March 21, but at the beginning of March you can feel it: open the package and find a fresh Gonzo (circus), drop Mind The Gap in your CD player, open your windows and enjoy a refreshing breeze for the mind, eyes and ears!


Visionary Women

GC126_Cover In this edition you’ll find interviews with seven women who have a clear opinion about their own music and art and about the world. Female artists you can see at work and/or hear this spring. Holly Herndon will soon release a new album and she is a headliner at Brussels Bozar Night in late April. René van Peer had an in-depth interview with her.

Grouper presents her new album ‘Ruins’ at the Ghent venue Vooruit and at Rewire Festival in The Hague. Usually she is not very talkative to journalists, but persistence pays off and kind Maarten Schermer could exceptionally interview her.

Katrien Schuermans talked with SØS Gunver Ryberg, former stunt woman and visual artist, now electronics producer / sound artist / composer and this change of careers proved to be the world upside down. Also tumbled into the world of music: filmmaker Katie Gately. Sanne Huysmans traced her artistic footsteps. Meanwhile Lena Willikens commutes between the scenes in Cologne and Dusseldorf, and she tells all about it to Theo Ploeg.

Soon in Brussels: Rie Nakajima with her subtle installations at Performatik 2015 and photographer Hana Miletić, nominated for Young Belgian Art Prize 2015. Respectively Nico Kennes and Tom Nys looked closely into their work of art.



There is a future without glorifying science humbug. In 2015 and 2016 the programmation  of WORM, the Rotterdam Institute for Avantgardistic Recreation, is focused on Eurofuturism. The next two years you will read about it regularly in Gonzo (circus). Chef de Mission Hajo Doorn explains the principles.

And on May 1-3, the Online Radio Festival celebrates the global emergence and diversity of Internet radio stations at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam. Harold Schellinx declares his love for Radio.


Room 40

Lawrence English started as out a teenager with exchanging tapes; now he celebrates his own label Room 40 which exists for 15 years. Robert Muis had an intense conversation with him about music, silence and disappointment in Australian politics. We were very impressed by Tomaga’s recent live shows at Occii and Madeiradig. Koen Lauwers discussed with Tom Relleen and Valentina Magaletti their mix of jazz, psychedelia and minimalism, their bizarre visuals and Doctor Zhivago. Nihill: as enigmatic as they may seem, so talkative they were when Dimitri Vossen just asked a few questions.


Gonzo’s Adult Entertainment

As usual, in this edition Signalementen (Afrikan Sciences, Youff and Blood Music), a label report (Barreuh), a resident (MER.Paper Kunsthalle), editors Guy Peters’ and Maurice Dumont’s share their music profiles and a whole new feature: Gonzo’s Adult Entertainment. De Geluidsarchitect will provide you with some fun things-to-do!


Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

No Gonzo (circus) would be complete without reviews. As usual, a bit over 20 pages of music reviews – visually introduced by Thomas & Jurgen – and also detailed reviews of the new biography of Robert Wyatt and work of Phill Niblock that finally appeared on DVD. Jan Nieuwenhuis tells us why we should  read Dick Raaijmakers classic ‘The Method’, now reissued by het Balanseer. And editor Ge Huisman and film editor George Vermij give their respective views on Marcel Hanouns rediscovered work.


Mind The Gap

With each edition of Gonzo (circus), we give you a free Mind The Gap CD. You can listen to Holly Herndon, Tomaga, Nihill, Grouper and Afrikan Sciences. Very convenient while you read Gonzo (circus)! And there is a number of tracks to discover. The special sleeve is again designed by Lou Mouw!


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