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Mixcloud Tuesday: Bang! Fest’ #1

Het immer interessante bookingcollectief Bang Bang Booking organiseert komend weekend voor de eerste keer Bang! Fest’, een evenement waar ze de artiesten op hun roster de kans geven om zich te presenteren. Voor de beste instrumentale en minder instrumentale rockexperimenten moet je dit weekend dus in Brussel zijn. Bereid je hier voor met de mixtape, en go support your local indie scene!

Very soon you’ll have the pleasure to be part of something special : the very very 1st BANG! FEST’.
It’s gonna be ace, it’s the biggest thing we’ve worked on so far even if it’s a modest one, well it’s simply the achievement of 10 years of commitment to the indie scene. It’s gonna last 2 days (10th & 11th of June), in two great inspiring spaces (Le Labokube & Les Ateliers Mommen) in Brussels & there’ll be 11 bands (from 4 countries), in many genres, from Math-Rock to Sludge, from Jazz to Post-Hardcore, from Noise to Drum n’ Bass. Yes Yes !
Oh there’ll also be some excellent food, with a real ethic behind, some wine tasting, good beers, a DIY artwork stand, and some more sweet surprises ! It’ll be the opportunity to see again some of the most important bands/persons we’ve encountered along this decade of booking & touring, and have the pleasure to let them meet each other and share good sounding times with you all.
We can’t wait for this, even if it takes so much time and energy for such a small ‘structure’, so we’ll need you all to come, spread the word, invite your friends, and let us keep organizing shows because YOU ARE THE INDIE SCENE.


Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/188495068193865/
Full infos & reservations : http://www.facebook.com/events/188495068193865/

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