On this page, as a valued partner of Gonzo Circus vzw you can download your free ePub of Gonzo (circus) magazine #160 and #161 with the code you received by e-mail. These downloads are available until April 1st, 2021.

Terms & conditions:

  • Download immediately: downloads are only available until the next street date (first Tuesday of uneven months)
  • You have two attempts to download the file. If it doesn’t work out the first time, please wait a few hours before retrying.
  • Make sure all pop-up and ad blockers, as well as privacy badgers are disabled and your browsers allows downloads from our website. In Chrome you can find it under advanced > settings for content.
  • Our Mind The Gap-cd is not included in the package due to copyright legislation.
  • Please do not forward the files to friends and colleagues. Making a good magazine requires resources. We depend on subscriptions. Please encourage people to subscribe. Or support us by advertising!
  • Please do not put screenshots of entire pages or reviews and interviews online or on social media. Read!
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You can download your digital copy of Gonzo (circus) #160 here:

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You can download your digital copy of Gonzo (circus) #161 here:

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