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Tom Nys joins panel at Schiev

Does music remain a political force? Is the curator at a valid place to address political issues? How can he/she do it? Isn’t it the task of the artist to do so? How does the sector integrate minorities based on gender, race, sexual orientation but also aesthetically ? How do different curators tackle the topic?

Those are some of the questions our contributors will debate during this conversation that should discuss some of the issues faced by music curators nowadays.

Tom Nys, works as an independent curator and author/researcher. He is a longtime Gonzo (circus) collaborator, writing about art, music and media will participate in this panel on curatorial activism.

Other participants include:

Gilke Vanuystel, music curator of STUK, Artefact Festival and newly appointed curator at Beursschouwburg.

Krisztián Puskár, co-curator of UH Fest in Budapest, also co-founder of Küss Mich club series. Activist, researcher, editor and cultural journalist.

Moderated by Dorien Schelfhout, freelance journalist, co-runner of midlife records.

Towards a curatorial activism will take place at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels on Friday November 10th at 8pm.