Textuur: Child Abuse+JC Thomaz

wo 2 okt - wo 2 okt

Poortgebouw, Rotterdam


For this edition Textuur returns to its old homebase, the monumental Poortgebouw, where it organized concerts from 2009 to 2015. Come and join us for a mix of noise, doom, punk, garage, grindcore and more.

Textuur presents… CHILD ABUSE (Skin Graft, New York) Somewhere in between noise, metal, and avant-jazz lies Child Abuse, the wildman trio from NYC.

As support we have two amazing bands from Rotterdam: J.C. THOMAZ & THE MISSING SLIPPERS bringing dirty Rock ’n Roll mixed with ’60/’70 Garage & Punk spirit. And the new doom/sludge duo ACHE playing primitive drumming and spitting gritty sounds and guttural growls.