Schiev Festival 2018

Guillaume Kidula is programmator en organisator van het Schiev Festival. Dat gaat van 16 tot 18 november door in de Brusselse Beursschouwburg. Een mixtape als introductie.

“I’m guillaume and I’m schiev lighthouse keeper. I built schiev 5 years ago alongside my friend Sarah, who’s now busy catching the sun in Barcelona. I’m now both directing and curating the festival. I’ve been working in culture, media and music for 15 years in different contexts and countries, more often than not in festivals. I arrived 5 years ago in Brussels and I still love it even when I walk on an unsealed cobblestone and I get covered in mud.

From pounding techno to avant gardish glitch music, from heartbreaking emo pop to sludgy drones, from cosmic kraut rock to some 2018 version of drill and bass, there’s a lot of different things in there. If I of course hope you’ll like some of them, hopefully a track or two you will be destabilized by, if not even annoyed. Indeed, the idea of this mixtape is more or less the idea behind the festival: make you discover a few tunes maybe and make you challenge your taste hopefully. We often think we know what we like but in the end we rarely get the chance to experience something very different. So that’s what I’ve been trying to achieve here, on top of presenting one track of every artist present on schiev 2018 line up. And, truth be told, as I still wanted to make sure you’d listen from start to finish, I thought extra carefully of the opening and closing track that are, both in their own way, a wink at Gonzo audience.
Hope you’ll like the mix.”

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Sourdure – La Jolie Flamande
EOD – Dagon
Mika Oki – Paradisaeida (Extract)
Golin – Momo
Jung An Tagen – How is that possible
Fiesta en el vacío – Spiral
ZULI – What You Do
Gosheven – Bivaq
Otto Lindholm – Lehena.mp3
December – Bright Red
Offshore § – Delaying Tactics

oklou & Casey MQ – Hunt
Gan Gah – Violons
&apos – Lichtdrank
Annelies Monseré – Happiness Is Within Sight
bérangère_maximin – cracks
Obsequies – Cell
Bear Bones, Lay Low – Nubes De Miel
Nkisi – Blacked Out