Paul Destieu + ladr.ache

za 10 mrt

Ateliers Claus, Saint-Gilles


ladr.ache is a eclectic Belgian band who will be in artistic residency at Les Ateliers Claus, as well as the French artist Paul Destieu who will come to present a part of his work between technologies, audiovisual, and performance. Geoff Leigh is well known for his work with Henry Cow in the early 70’s and is currently a member of Jump For Joy and The Artaud Beats. Makoto “Speed Guru” Kawabata is best known as leader of Japanese psychedelic band Acid Mother Temple, and for his collaborations with members of Gong, Guru Guru, & many more. Trevor Wishart is an independent composer and free-improvising vocal performer based in the North of England.



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