‘Open Axis” – Vito Willems

vr 11 aug - zo 13 aug

Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem

‘Open Axis’ is a solo exhibition of Vito Willems who researches new ways of perceiving space. In this exhibition, the artist attempts to transform the physical space and give access to a space that exist in our mind. In his performance and installation the physical space is symbolised by a moving object/body that decentralises and breaks the perception and the spatial image. ‘Open Axis’ questions the audience to discover the collaboration of all senses through this experiment. The Installation ‘Cube of Space’ explores the physiological and perceptual effect of space, light and sound. A multi-dimensional installation that focuses on the organisation of our own experience. By bringing these elements together the installation tend to play with the visitors’ spatial consciousness. The perceptual space is the reaction of the cube’s movements and the use of visual elements. COS is in collaboration with Joost Dankelman & Jim Brady. On the opening there will be support by Tom Liem (dj/set).