Nils Økland/Niels Van Heertum

Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen

€10 / €8

The Nils Økland Band is Nils Økland: viola d’amore, hardanger fiddle, violin Rolf–Erik Nystrøm: saxophone Sigbjørn Apeland: harmonium Tore Jamne: percussion Mats Eilertsen: double bass. The band is entirely acoustic, bringing in stylistic influences from many sources, with classical music and Norwegian folk music the most prominent. Økland says that the working method was inspired by the early baroque practice of using sketches as the basis for new music. One of his featured instruments here is the viola d’amore, a baroque era instrument that employs sympathetic drone strings along with the main strings, much like the Hardanger fiddle.

Niels Van Heertum plays Euphonium. On the quest for sustain and slowness Niels encounterd the people behind granvat, who invited him to take part in their JK’s kamer series. JK’s kamer series are captured live solo perfomances, with a strong focus on sounddesign. JK’s kamer presents music with “sound” itself as it’s repertoire.