Mixtape Monday: Sex Swing

De Londense noiseband Sex Swing brengt deze week hun album Type II uit. Saxofonist dook Colin Webster in de collectieve platenkast van de band om deze eclectische mixtape aan te leveren.

” …
This mixtape is a combination of some of the music that influenced the writing of Type II and Sex Swing in general, and some of the other projects that members of Sex Swing have been working on.

Dan often talks about how some of his lyrics on Type II are inspired by folk music – Michael Hurley was his selection. Hawkwind is a long-term influence on Sex Swing for Jason, as is the band Suicide. Markers is Jodie’s guitar duo with Jason Carty, their album Heaven In The Dark Earth was released by God Unknown Records in 2019. God Unknown will also be issuing the new album by Jason Stoll’s other band KLAMP. The Keep is Ollie Knowles’s solo project. His new EP is available this month. The mix ends with the Dead Neanderthals / Sly & The Family Drone project that I’m involved in. They were due to re-unite this project at Roadburn Festival this year which has sadly been postponed.
… “


Lhasa de Sela – El Desierto (La Llorona / Atlantic)
Michael Hurley – Werewolf (Armchair Boogie / Warner Bros)
Markers – Muisca (Heaven in the Dark Earth / God Unknown Records)
Auntie Flo – Rainfall On Red Earth [excerpt] (The Soniferous Garden / Sofrito)
Beak> – Yatton (BEAK>> / Invada)
Suicide – I Remember (Suicide / Red Star)
Hawkwind – Master Of The Universe (In Search of Space / United Artists)
KLÄMP – Arise (tba / God Unknown)
The Keep – Gammalane (Primer / Houndstooth)
Dead Neanderthals + Sly & The Family Drone – Ghoul Whispers (Moral Wrench / Hominid Sounds)