Mixcloud Monday: KRAAK Festival 2019

YOR is één van de bands die zal optreden tijdens het KRAAK Festival. Op 2 en 3 maart kun je vierentwintig (!) uur lang terecht in de Brusselse Beursschouwburg voor deze zoektocht in de muzikale off-stream.

KRAAK-medewerker Nina Vurdelja geeft meer uitleg bij deze mixtape:
YOR from Leipzig prepared an exclusive mixtape for the occasion of KRAAK festival 2019 and their Belgian debut. The long-awaited annual celebration of off-stream sound has this year emerged to the format of 24-hour music experience in the heart of Brussels. A full day of uninterrupted sonic exploration will present 18 acts situated at the outer edges of contemporary music currents, among which many young artists and true avant-garders.
The mixtape features artists playing at this year’s festival, combined with YOR’s picks and influences. The selection of tracks includes, among others, renowned Polish vocal-instrumental duo Żywizna, Japanese harsh metal duo Legion of Andromeda, Swedish non-classical vocalist Sofia Jernberg, sparkling multi-instrumental of Chilean maestro Embassador Dulgoon… As such, it cuts across genres and forms, standing genuinely for a daring exploration and innovation in playing, presenting and perceiving music, deeply embedded in KRAAK mission.
In addition to that, sharing several fresh discoveries from DIY German scene (Die Lore, De Klumb), YOR represents the power of new young music force with innovative and uncompromised pro-amateur attitude. Nataly, Susanne and Tony perform the myriad of no-wave tunes on keyboards, drums, bass guitar and voice, creating music for dancing and thinking.


die lore – hmhmm
zywizna- live at ethno port poznan 2016
sofia jernberg, Lene Grenanger – the other melody
macromassa – primeras impresiones
embassador dulgoon – orkneyan skerries
john fahey – sligo river blues
peter michael hamel – colours of time ( part2)
forced into femininity – pit
talking heads – sugar on my tongue
wasted loads – leather jacket comin`
de klumb – travail sombre
moon not war – vengeance (live)
c_c – ol_lo
staxl oll – live (hamburg)
new root canal – undo
legion of andromeda – transuranic ejaculation