KRAAK’s Transmedial Gathering

za 4 nov - za 4 nov

Het Bos


The Gathering of Trans-Medial Publishers celebrates imagination, as being a crossbreed between dada performance, gesamtkunstwerk and record fair. Once the definition of a release was restrained by its physical nature — as LP, CD or tape. Nowadays the definition of a sound carrier has been endless times rethought in form, content and object. Music labels release books or virtual records, publishers release LP’s and mixtapes, or transcribed compositions, labels become concert organizers and vice versa. This mini festival will show ‘the label’ in all its disguises. Present → De Player → Ultra Eczema → Audiomer → Etr’acte → KERM → La Scie Dorée → B.A.A.D.M. → Edições CN → Euro 2000 → Dropa Disc → Groepsdruk → Het Balanseer → Gonzo (circus) → Pacific Sound Visions → Vlek → Chocolate Monk → Penultimate Press → Tanuki → Lexi Disque → Slowscan → Lal Lal Lal → Aguirre → Risiko Press → Butte County Free Music Society → Hare Akedod → Smeraldina-Rima → Tanzprocesz → Ekster → JJ Funhouse → Sloow Tapes → Ana Ott → T