King Britt

De School, Amsterdam


Fhloston Paradigm is the moniker of King James Britt. First produced during the Ferguson protests in 2014 as a performance for Black Lives Matter, To Unprotect and Subserve is an passage which processes the police brutality against African-Americans. Inspired by science fiction and Afrofuturism, it’s a journey that confronts us as an implicit witness to the disturbing reality of today’s black experience. Based in a landscape of sirens, found sounds and dispatch recordings, it reimagines and empowers detainees through warped dialogue that vouches for their innocence against police officers. The work of Fhloston Paradigm, much like his hero, Sun Ra, seems to come from another space and time to validate the black existence. This concert is a collaboration with The Rest is Noise; a label of progressive muziek connected to het Muziekgebouw.