De School, Amsterdam


Self-described as an ‘anti-band’ and self-categorised as ‘original-electronic-Motorhead-space-trance-spiritual-rock-meditation-freejazz-godz’, Finish three-piece K-X-P is at odds with classification. Though they may not embody the usual ambitions of a musical project, they are in pursuit of the original music experience: transcendence.

Krautrock, psychedelic rock, early electronic, techno are mere vanishing points as spiritual fervor guides them across and beyond genres. To date, they have produced a dramatic body of work disguised under sparse titles such as K-X-P, II, History of Techno EP, and the more recent, III Part I. Featuring synth choirs, shamanistic chanting and mystical sounds of Middle Eastern origin, their ritualistic live performances invite metaphorical thinking and out-of-body experiences.