Frankenstein Symposium

ma 22 okt - ma 22 okt

Natlab, Eindhoven

50 / 40 / 35 / 25

‘Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus’ by Mary Shelley was published 200 years ago. The story depicts Dr. Frankenstein who fails to act upon the destructive consequences of his creature. The Frankenstein symposium addresses the responsibility that comes with great scientific breakthroughs. It challenges us to rethink the ethics of emerging technology in today’s society. What can we learn from the non-human other? Should we give fire to the other, just like Prometheus did? Or Dr. Frankenstein, when he made a living creature, playing a godlike scientist? With lectures by a.o. Martijntje Smits and Jason Robert, and performances by Arthur Elsenaar and Marco Donnarumma & Margherita Pevere.



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