Kick-off Europe Endless Express

De Ruimte at De Verkeerstoren, Amsterdam

€ 9 / € 6

On June 30 a train full of artists and philosophers, and 500 lucky ticket owners leaves Amsterdam Central Station for a festival that takes place inside the train and during the stops in six different European cities. On June 29 we throw a little pre-party!

NYC based, turntablist and bass visionary and The Ex-guitarist Andy Moor team up to create loosely composed / improvised songs, in which they merge the sounds of hip-hop and dubstep with freejazz and bursts of postpunk guitar riffs. A socio-political load packed in mesmerising, danceable music.

ZEA is the solo project of The Ex-singer Arnold De Boer. Somewhat of a celebrity in Ghana with his “Song for Electricity” and as a musician, producer, programmer, and organiser, one of the main pillars of Dutch independent music. As ZEA he incorporates the music of the people he meets around the world in his own, distinctive sound, playing “electric breakpop mono” and Friesian ballads with the same ease.

DJ/rupture & Andy Moor will make you dance, with ZEA it’s time to JUMP.