Aural Spaces

vr 16 dec - zo 18 dec

Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

€ 15

AURAL SPACES | A multi-day spatial sound event together with Concertgebouw & 4DSOUND.

Curious about expanding the ways you listen to music, and encountering sound that moves through you and the space around you? Spread over three days, it is possible to visit a unique spatial sound programme with concerts, listening sessions and a master class. The Kleine Zaal at the Concertgebouw will open its doors for leading musicians to connect classic acoustic methods and electronic music to modern 4DSOUND technology. Line-up: Grand River, Maarten Vos, Janke Bodek, Echo Collective, Rakhi Singh, Thomas Ankersmit, Casimir Geelhoed, Puce Mary, Salvador Breed, Koenraad Ecker, Croatian Amor and IOANN.